Participatory Adult Learning, Documentation and Information Networking

Since 2006, the 40 members of ALADIN-India have developed a comprehensive learning package known as “Participatory Adult Learning, Documentation and Information Networking (PALDIN)”, which is designed to build the capacities of staff working in adult learning set-ups.

The PALDIN course covers the general issues linked to adult learning and literacy; however, what makes it truly innovative are its units dealing with information management in an adult learning set-up. These address issues such as how to create literate environments, document processes, network efficiently, deal with information and communication technologies, and manage libraries.

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU, New Delhi) expanded and revised the learning package and launched it in July 2009 as a Post-Graduate Diploma in Adult Education. A shorter version for grassroots workers will be developed in local languages in the near future.

Initiatives to transfer and adapt PALDIN to other regions and countries are welcome.

Front cover PALDIN Course 01 Front cover PALDIN Course 02

PALDIN contact information
Prof. S.Y. Shah
Group of Adult Education
School of Social Sciences – 1
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi – 10067
Tel: (+91-11) 26704108, 26588633, 55669306