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ALADIN Online Alert #17, September 2017

ALADIN Online Alert #17 provides you with:

- several actual experiences, such as case studies and promising practices
- articles on the benefit of recognizing migrants´ skills and giving them access to education
- a presentation of adaptative problem solving, a skill to be measured in the next wave of PIAAC
- a foresight project exploring the future of skills and lifelong learning in the UK
- a lot of practical tools, notably the ´Adult learner 360´ resource readiness quiz and an app to learn German and basic skills

ALADIN Online Alert #17

ALADIN Online Alert #16, June 2017

In this ALADIN Online Alert, you will find many diverse and engaging publications, for example:
• on free digital learning opportunities for migrants and refugees
• a 29 country review on literacy provision and reporting
• several guides on how to use the PIAAC conceptual framework
• on adult and lifelong learning policies and practices in Asia
• several working papers on education, training and development from African countries

ALADIN Online Alert #16

ALADIN Online Alert #15, April 2017

In this ALADIN Online Alert, you will find many interesting publications, for example:

• on measuring skills and competencies
• on various country reports illustrating formal and non-formal adult education opportunities
• on the costs and benefits of apprenticeships
• on community-based learning

ALADIN Online Alert #15

ALADIN supports the ADEA Triennale, March 2017

ALADIN sponsored the attendance of ALADIN member Moses Mwandihi (Kenya National Library Kisumu) at the ADEA Triennale (Dakar, Republic of Senegal, 14 - 17 March 2017) to share his rich knowledge in setting up reading tents for families and children. Promoting the importance of books and reading for enhancing literacy skills at the ADEA Triennale has been one follow-up activity of a workshop on "How Libraries support National Literacy Efforts" (UIL, April 2016). To prepare for the ADEA Triennale, a representative of the ADEA Working Group on Books and Learning Materials worked in September 2016 at the UIL Library, together with the ALADIN coordinator, on a policy presentation, which advocates for books, reading and libraries.

Report of the Reading Tent, ADEA Triennale 2017

Policy Presentation - A Case for National Book and Reading Policies for Africa in the Advent of the Digital Revolution

ALADIN Online Alert #14, February 2017

This ALADIN Online Alert covers quite a broad geographical range with many publications available in other languages than English.

Please have a look and you will find many interesting articles, for example on:
• refugees, migrants and nationalism
• ISESCO´s New Literacy Vision
• a TEDx video showing how subtitled Bollywood movies support literacy, and case studies from India and Pakistan looking at women, literacy and empowerment
• a CEDEFOP Briefing Note on qualifications frameworks in Europe

ALADIN Online Alert #14

New ALADIN Members in Kenya and New Zealand, January 2017

The ALADIN network welcomes two new members:

- The National Centre of Literacy & Numeracy for Adults (NCLANA), New Zealand
- The Kenya National Library Service (KNLS), Kenya