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News 2009

The early days of ALADIN, November 2009

CONFINTEA VI (December 1-4, 2009 in Brazil) marks a good oppportunity to pause and look back on the beginnings of ALADIN, a direct follow-up activitiy of CONFINTEA V in 1997. The recollections of those early days by ALADIN funding member Eva Piorkowski (then Kupidura) can be downloaded in PDF-format.

IGNOU launches PALDIN course, July 2009

In July 2009, the IGNOU School of Extension and Development Studies launched for the 2009 session a Post-Graduate Diploma in Adult Education (PGDAE) that is based on PALDIN. The PGDAE aims at promoting professional development and capacity building in the area of adult education with an emphasis on participatory adult learning documentation and information networking at national and international levels.

It consists of the following five compulsory courses:

  • Understanding Adult Education
  • Policy Planning and Implementation of Adult Education in India
  • Knowledge Management, Information Dissemination and Networking in Adult Education
  • Educational Research
  • Practical Work

For further information, please visit the PALDIN website

Duplicates shared with ALADIN Members, May 2009

The Library and Documentation Centre of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning offered 54 duplicate copies of books and brochures to the ALADIN community. Seven institutions from seven countries (France, Great Britain, Hungary, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, USA) requested duplicates. These were sent to them free of charge in June 2009.

All ALADIN members are encouraged to imitate this successful initiative and to likewise share their duplicates with the ALADIN community.

New ALADIN Poster, March 2009

A new ALADIN poster has been designed for CONFINTEA VI. It is available free of charge from the ALADIN Co-ordinator or can be downloaded in PDF-format.

PR Box to promote new ALADIN Website, February 2009

A box to promote the new ALADIN Website has been developed. You may download the box in PDF-format and publish it in your newsletters, on websites or any other kind of publication.