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ALADIN in Latin America and the Caribbean, September 2008

A panel on the ALADIN Network in Latin America and the Caribbean took place on September 11th at the “Regional Conference on Literacy and Preparatory to CONFINTEA VI for LAC: From Literacy to Lifelong Learning – Towards the Challenges of the Twenty-First Century”, which was held in Mexico City from 10 to 13 September 2008. It was organized and moderated by Gloria Alberti, Documentalist at UNESCO/OREALC in Chile and member of the global ALADIN Task Force.

Presentations were given by María Teresa Espinosa Perea (INEA, México) on the information and literacy work of INEA and the National Council of Education for Life and Work (CONEVyT), by Martha Eyzaguirre (CREFAL, México) on the CREFAL Digital Library, by Ricardo Reynoso Serralde (CONARTE, México) on a virtual art and cultural library for adults by creating networks between educational and cultural institutions, by Piedad Caballero Prieto (Colombia) on REDUC, the Latin American Network of Information and Documentation in Education and by Claudine Wauchope (Jamaica) on the Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) Masters Programme in Adult Education in Jamaica.

Panel description

Panel conclusions

New ALADIN Brochure, August 2008

The ALADIN brochure has been updated and translated into Spanish and French. Please contact the ALADIN Co-ordinator if you wish to receive one or more copies in English, French or Spanish free of charge.

ALADIN brochure

ALADIN brochure French

ALADIN brochure Spanish

New ALADIN Website, July 2008

During the first half of 2008, the ALADIN website was fully re-designed and updated. The ALADIN website serves as a knowledge platform for documentation and information on adult learning; it provides access to the on-line directory of all ALADIN members and their information services, as well as providing information on current ALADIN projects and nearly 200 frequently updated links on adult learning.

ALADIN Work Plan 2007-2009, May 2008

The global ALADIN Task Force updated via an e-mail discussion the ALADIN Work Plan 2007-2009.

ALADIN Work Plan 2007–2009

Key Documents on Adult Learning, April 2008

During April 2008, the ALADIN community was asked to pool its knowledge in order to develop various catalogues of key documents in the field of adult learning. Twelve ALADIN members from nine countries (Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Germany, Hungary, India, Pakistan and Slovenia) took part in this global exercise. Further comments are welcome and may be sent directly to the ALADIN Co-ordinator.

Key Documents on Adult Education
Key Documents on Lifelong Learning
Key Documents on Literacy

OREALC publishes Bibliography on Literacy (1995-2008), March 2008

The Centro de Información y Documentación of OREALC / UNESCO Santiago has published a 41-page Spanish bibliography entitled Bibliografía sobre alfabetización. It was compiled by ALADIN Task Force member Gloria Alberti and by Margharita Calderone.

Bibliografía sobre alfabetización

ALADIN Directory 2007/2008 published, January 2008

During the second half of 2007, all ALADIN members listed in the 2005/2006 directory were asked to update their entries for the 2007/2008 directory. The directory provides not only detailed entries on the 91 current ALADIN members and their respective information services, but also recounts the history of ALADIN from 1997 to the present. ALADIN members automatically received the new directory. Anyone else may contact the ALADIN Co-ordinator for a free copy.

ALADIN Directory 2007/2008