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ALADIN Directory 2005 / 2006 published, November 2005

Between May and July 2005, all ALADIN members of the 2003 / 2004 Directory were asked to update their entries for creating the 2005 / 2006 Directory. The Directory provides not only detailed entries on the variety of the currently 90 ALADIN members and their respective information services, but also recounts the history of ALADIN from 1997 to the present. ALADIN members will automatically receive the new Directory, everybody else is welcome to contact the ALADIN Co-ordinator LisaPLEASE@REMOVE_THIS.TEXT KrPLEASE@REMOVE_THIS.TEXTolaPLEASE@REMOVE_THIS.TEXTk for a free copy.

ALADIN Members met at IALW in Oslo, October 2005

Seven ALADIN members from all regions of the world met before and after the International Adult Learners Week (IALW), that took place in Oslo between October 24th and 26th. They have discussed regional ALADIN activities and made plans for future developments.

International Adult Learners Week Website

Workshop Report

Workshop Report - short version

ALADIN Toolkit Website developed, October 2005

From September 19 to October 5, 2005, Eva Kupidura, Organization and Policy Consultant at the Toronto Adult Student Association (TASA), worked with ALADIN Co-ordinator Lisa Krolak (UIE) on the content for a website for the ALADIN Toolkit for setting up basic documentation centres on adult learning. They have build up the content on the basis of the outcomes of the ALADIN Toolkit Workshop that took place in South Africa in September 2004.

ALADIN Toolkit Website

Duplicates shared with ALADIN Members, October 2005

The Documentation Centre and Library of the UNESCO Institute for Education has offered more than 150 duplicate titles to be shared with the ALADIN Community. The following 11 Institutions worldwide have requested up to 30 copies and they were sent to them free of charge in October 2005:

  • Bundesverband Alphabetisierung e.V., Germany  
  • CES, Nigeria  
  • Coady International Institute, Canada      
  • CRIC, Cameroon  
  • Dhasa Ahsania Mission, Banngladesh  
  • Each One Teach One, Nigeria  
  • Korean Educational Development Instiute  
  • SoCiuS, Belgium  
  • SPEAR, Belize  
  • Swedish Agency for Flexible Learning  
  • University of Nottingham, UK  

All ALADIN members are encouraged to copy this successful initiative and to also share their duplicates with the ALADIN community.

ALADIN represented at IFLA-WLIC in Oslo, September 2005

ALADIN Co-ordinator Lisa Krolak took part in the IFLA World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) that took place in Oslo from 14-18 August, 2005. She represented ALADIN in several meetings of the Reading Section, that focused in 2005 on "Literacy for Life: Promoting the Practice of Literacy, Information Literacy and Lifelong Learning". She also presented ALADIN in the WLIC poster session.

For more information on the Reading Section, please go to http://www.ifla.org/VII/s33/index.htm

ALADIN-India, National Directory of Members 2005, September 2005

ALADIN member Prof. S. Y. Shah, Honorary Director of the International Institute of Adult & Lifelong Education (IIALE, India) carried out an ALADIN Pilot Country Study for India during the first half of 2004. The study collected in-depth information on adult learning documentation centres from 207 organizations spread all over India. By May 2004, 47 centres have responded and Prof. Shah has listed and evaluated the results in an extensive country study. The study was published as the ALADIN-India Directory of Members 2005. Further networking activities, such as a conference, regional training opportunities and an e-learning training on information management are envisioned for 2006.

Please contact Prof. PLEASE@REMOVE_THIS.TEXTS.Y. PLEASE@REMOVE_THIS.TEXTShah for a copy of the country study or for any further information.

Support for Resource Centres and Libraries added to ALADIN Website, May 2005

The ALADIN website gives access to more than 50 organizations and online services that assist resource centres and libraries in setting-up or improving their information services. It lists organizations that are donating books, computers, funds and training resources. My special thanks goes to Judith Koch, a former intern, who has extensively enlarged and updated the list in connection with writing her diploma thesis. Please have a look at ALADIN Toolkit and browse the sub-catagories:

  • Book Donation Agencies for the English speaking world  
  • Computer Donation Agencies (Hardware and Software)  
  • Funding Sources  
  • Basic Training Manuals

Bibliography on Adult Learning in Latin America, April 2005

OREALC/UNESCO Santiago has published: La Educación de Jóvenes y Adultos en América Latina y el Caribe. Hacia un Estado del Arte. (The Education of Young People and Adults in Latin America and the Caribbean. Toward a State of the Art). The work presented here was motivated by the lack of studies of what is being done in the field of education for young people and adults. It presents the general analytic and policy framework for the education of young people and adults in Latin America and the Caribbean, providing a compendium of best practices in literacy training and adult education carried out in the region. Part of the publication is the revised annotated bibliography that OREALC/UNESCO and REDUC prepared after the ALADIN meetings in Bangkok (September 2003) and Mexico (July 2004) as a joint regional ALADIN effort.

Full-text of the annotated bibliography in Spanish

National Workshop on ALADIN-India, March 2005

A national workshop on ALADIN-India took place at the India International Centre in New Delhi from March 29-30, 2005. Forty participants discussed various presentations on the national and international context of ALADIN, how to strengthen and professionalize ALADIN centres in India, on examples of networks in India, and the future scenario of information organization, management and sharing. The main organizer was Prof. Shah, Honorary Director of the International Institute of Adult and Lifelong Education in India.

Outcomes of the workshop were:

  • ALADIN-India has been launched with Prof. Shah as the National Co-ordinator.
  • An already existing three-week e-learning training program on information management will be adapted to ALADIN-India needs and run at the end of 2005.
  • Funding has been already secured from the University Grants Commission in New Delhi.
  • Indian IT specialists will develop a CDS/ISIS cataloguing software for ALADIN in co-operation with UNESCO.
  • All members of ALADIN-India will be linked via an e-Mail Listserv

Timetable of the National Workshop

Final Report of the National Workshop