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ALADIN Toolkit Workshop, Cape Town, September 2004

An ALADIN Toolkit Workshop took place on 13 - 14 September 2004 at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa to discuss in-depth the development of an ALADIN Toolkit for setting up basic information services on adult learning. It was organized by ALADIN Co-ordinator Lisa Krolak and ALADIN member Glen Arendse (South Africa).

Five international ALADIN members and three local information professionals have compared various toolkits on educational subjects, looked at various training manuals on information management and discussed the IT implications of standardizing and linking ALADIN information centres. Before and after the formal workshop, the group visited and met with staff at the UWC University Library, the UWC Education Resource Centre and a computer centre in a disadvantaged community.

Timetable of ALADIN Toolkit Workshop

List of Participants of ALADIN Toolkit Workshop

ALADIN Lecture at International Adult Learners' Week, Cape Town, September 2004

South Africa, which is celebrating Ten Years of Freedom and Democracy in 2004, and the UNESCO Institute for Education co-hosted the 2004 International Adult Learners' Week, thus providing a forum for policy dialogue among educators, practitioners from civil society and policy makers on the importance of adult learning, literacy and lifelong learning with regard to building diverse, inclusive and democratic societies. Approximately two-hundred national participants from South Africa and fifty international experts and co-ordinators of learning festivals shared and analyzed conecptual implications as well as concrete work experiences and best practice around learning for citizenship, inclusion, equality and participation. You can learn more about the conference here.

An 2 hour ALADIN lecture was held on 9 September 2004 under the topic of 'Overcoming barriers: Reaching out to Excluded Learners'. Forty international and local participants attended the workshop which was facilitated by William Evans from the Norwegian Association for Adult Education. The general introduction to ALADIN by the ALADIN Co-ordinator from the UNESCO Institute for Education in Germany was followed by a presentation by Elaine MacLean from the Coady International Institute in Canada, where she argued that organizations around the world have recognized the central role of information in adult learning, in raising awareness and mobilizing action for social change. She stated that the increasing reach of information and communication technologies has stimulated a re-thinking of how best to manage information: people need methods that are both locally appropriate and globally connected. While developing innovative ways to access information, adult learning documentation and information centres serve as catalysts for community learning and participation in civil society initiatives, bridging social, economic and political barriers.
The presentation was followed by a local ALADIN topic, presented by Glen Arendse from the University of the Western Cape (UWC), South Africa which highlighted the opportunities for developing dedicated and integrated adult learning information and documentation facilities in the Western Cape province. These opportunities emerge at the local level, as the provincial aim to establish and stimulate an inclusive and supportive lifelong learning society needs to create enabling learning environments and structures for widening participation for adult learning. Further more, it recognizes the unique opportunities for intervention presented by the Learning Cape Festival initiative and is informed by the realization that learning societies need to be supported and networked for international cooperation.

The presentations were followed by a discussion in which the need for providing access to relevant information on adult learning and the need for building capacities in information management was stressed.

Please find the workshop recommendations attached.

ALADIN Initiatives in Latin America, July 2004

ALADIN members Gonzalo Gutiérrez (REDUC/CIDE NGO Network, Chile), Gloria Alberti (UNESCO/OREALC, Chile) and Victoria Latapí (INEA, Mexico) met with three information professionals (among others from CREFAL, Mexico) from 28 to 30 July 2004 at INEA in Mexico City to discuss common information management issues, particularly guidelines and necessary steps for preparing an ongoing Joint Bibliography on Adult Learning for Latin America. The new bibliography will build upon the Annotated Bibliography of the State of the Art on Adult Learning in Latin America that was prepared in 2003 by UNESCO/OREALC and REDUC/CIDE.

Working visit of ALADIN ICT&S Group at UIE, February-March 2004

From 23 February to 5 March 2004, two members of the ALADIN Information and Communication Technology and Standardisation (ICT&S) group, William Evans of the Norwegian Association of Adult Education (NAAE) and Glen Arendse from the University of the Western Cape/Division of Lifelong Learning (UWC/DLL), South Africa - met with the ALADIN Co-ordinator, Lisa Krolak (UIE) to discuss various ICT issues relating to ALADIN.

One result of this meeting was the creation of a new ALADIN E-mail Listserv that will in the future feed into a web-based forum on a newly designed ALADIN website. The new ALADIN Listserv will be based at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) in South Africa. A mirror site has been established at NAAE (The Norwegian Association for Adult Education).

A big change to the former ALADIN Listserv will be that we use a moderator (on a rotating basis) to collect messages, organize them and send them out on a regular basis (roughly every 2-4 weeks, unless there is an urgent matter to be communicated), which will guarantee a high quality for each ALADIN message. The first moderator will be Glen Arendse from South Africa.

The ALADIN Listserv has been set up to enable ALADIN members and friends of ALADIN to communicate with each other on a regular basis. It can be used as a forum to share ideas, comments, concerns and requests in the area of Adult Learning Documentation and Information. There are no restrictions for ALADIN Listserv membership. If you want to be part of the ALADIN Listserv please contact LisaPLEASE@REMOVE_THIS.TEXT KrPLEASE@REMOVE_THIS.TEXTolaPLEASE@REMOVE_THIS.TEXTk.

As a follow-up, Lisa Krolak and William Evans conducted a working visit at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris from 17 to 19 May 2004 to discuss the development of a specialized CDS/ISIS cataloguing software for ALADIN and the redesign of the ALADIN website, which shall be completely redesigned and transferred into the new common UNESCO design. The ALADIN website will develop into the most comprehensive knowledge platform for documentation and information on adult learning.