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ALADIN Meeting at CONFINTEA Mid-Term Review in Bangkok, September 2003

An ALADIN meeting took place from September 5th - 7th, 2003 in Bangkok, Thailand to prepare for the CONFINTEA V Mid-Term Review Conference that took place in Bangkok from September 8th - 11th, 2003.

The overall aim of the international CONFINTEA Mid-Term Review Meeting in September was to create the momentum to bring adult learning back on the agenda of countries, of UNESCO and other international agencies.

ALADIN was one of 20 thematic reviews with the aim:

  • to discuss developments and accomplishments since 1997
  • to re-evaluate ALADIN's objectives and the vision for the future
  • to identify new emerging trends, challenges and innovative elements
  • to prepare for the CONFINTEA VI assessment in 2009 by setting concrete future objectives and identifying benchmark indicators.

General information on CONFINTEA V Mid-Term Review

Time-table of ALADIN Meeting

List of Participants of ALADIN Meeting

Results of the ALADIN Meeting

ALADIN Scholarships for Coady certificate program in May / June 2003

The five candidates, who received a full ALADIN scholarship to attend the 'Managing NGO Resource Centres' course which will run May 12 - June 6, 2003 at the Coady International Institute in Canada, have successfully attended and completed the course.
Congratulations to:
Ms Noraido Sinalindo Chio, Notre Dame Foundation for Charitable Activities, Inc., Philippines  Ms Linda Beukes, The Rössing Foundation, Namibia  Ms Martha Ramon, Adult Education Association Israel, Israel  Ms Noemi Reyes, SPEAR Resource Centre, Belize  Ms Olutoyin Mejiuni Fashina, Department of Continuing Education, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

The ALADIN Task Force has selected the five candidates on the basis of their application for the course and for the ALADIN scholarship. We have just considered applications that were accepted by the Coady International Institute and amongst those applications looked at individual need for training and the benefits that their organization and the ALADIN community hopefully gains from the training. We also made sure that candidates came from different regions of the world.

Please read a short report of the course by course co-ordinator Sue Adams and evaluations by ALADIN scholarship recipients. As the course was so well-received, it is very likely that it will run again in 2005 and that ALADIN again will provide scholarships.

For more information on the course and the Coady International Institute, please consult their website at: