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Institute for Vocational and Adult Education (IVAE), China

The Institute for Vocational and Adult Education (IVAE) is one of the departments of Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences (BAES). As the largest education research institution in China, BAES boasts 16 institutes and centers engaged in educational research ranging from early childhood education, pedagogic innovation, curriculum and textbook development, vocational and technical education, lifelong learning, private education, education for sustainable development and learning difficulties, etc.

Its main tasks are to provide consultative service for government administration and to serve schools management and pedagogic improvement. BAES publishes several journals including Educational Sciences Research and Classroom Teachers, which are quite popular across the country. Besides, it publishes Beijing Education Series, Beijing Education Almanac, and Beijing Educational Science Research Series.

The Institute for Vocational and Adult Education (IVAE) was founded in July 2000. The research being undertaken at IVAE focuses on the vocational and adult education development of Beijing policy development, on designing and implementing VET and adult education reform and on providing research services for the Beijing Municipal Government.

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Adult education, Education, Educational policy, Educational research, Lifelong learning, Primary education, Secondary education, Teacher education, Vocational education

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Institute of Vocational and Adult Education (IVAE)
Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences (BAES)
No. 811 Building, Jinsong Xikou, Chaoyang District,
Beijing, P.R.China 100021

+(86) 10-87718416
+(86) 10-87718416
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Dayong Yuan

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Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences (BAES)
Ji Li
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About 1000
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About 10
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About 100
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About 100

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Information Services Provided

Various documents about adult and lifelong learning in Beijing are available.

Special Activities

Evaluating and auditing the learning city of Beijing
Beijing Lifelong Education Forum
Beijing lifelong learning Week Festival
Learning Brands and Stars Selection


Beijing Adult Education Association;
Beijing Learning City Research Center;
The ASEM Education and Research Hub for Lifelong Learning
PASCAL International Observatory