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Associação Alfabetização Solidária (AlfaSol), Brazil

Centro de Referência em Educação de Jovens e Adultos (CEREJA)

CEREJA is a space for dialogue and interaction among professionals and institutions concerned and / or dedicated to Youth and Adult Education (YAE).
The main purpose of CEREJA is to recover, systematize, preserve, value and publicize information and experience in the field of YAE, as well as to encourage the dissemination of a culture of thinking and diffusion of knowledge that has been developed with regard to this issue.
Apart from the “live” collection, which is constantly updated, CEREJA promotes and takes part in national and international events to discuss, update and expand the links among AlfaSol and other institutions / professionals working with YAE.

Areas of Specialization:

Education, Language issues, Literacy

User Profile:

Researchers in the field of adult and youth education

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Edificio Ruth Cardoso
Rua Pamplona, 1005
01405-001 São Paulo - SP

55-11-3372-4364 / 55-11-3372-4328

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Regina Célia Esteves de Siqueira
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Services and Special Activities

Information Services Provided

Reference Services
Thesis and dissertations´ bibliographies
Abstracts for thesis, dissertations and articles
Acquisitions List: Books concerning Education

Publications Produced

All institutional publications edited by AlfaSol (Most of them in Portuguese, like Escrevendo Juntos, Projeto Político Pedagógico, Trajetória,  Avaliação and Alfabetização Solidária magazine - selection of scientific articles. Some of them also have an English version: Pathway (Trajetória) and Evaluation (Avaliação).

Other material

Challenges and Obstacles in Carrying out the Work

Offering and authorizing the publication of specialized information; sending books and periodicals concerning its areas of specialization for internal and external divulgation. CEREJA can facilitate global access to relevant information and documentation related to its fields of expertise, especially through its website, where all the information can be accessed free of charge.