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Instituto Fronesis, Ecuador

Instituto Fronesis was created in 1991 in Quito. The web site was launched in 1999 to provide free and public access to important writings and publications in the general area of education. Over the years the web site grew and became a portal. The area of education and communication, in charge of Rosa-María Torres, embraced new fields and gave birth to a number of virtual networks and communities. The area of economics, in charge of José-Luis Coraggio, grew and developed into a specific site.
This is an open portal that is accessible to any user and reader, and that articulates the fields of work of Fronesis at local, regional and international level.  It is meant as a tool for the building of another society, another economic model and another education model.

Areas of Specialization:

Culture, Educational policy, Information and communication technologies, Learning communities, Lifelong learning, Literacy, Teacher education

User Profile:

general public, educationalists, researchers, students

Contact Information


P.O. Box 17-04-10693
Agencia La Luz

(593-2) 2401-610
Contact person:
Rosa Maria Torres, Miguel Gonzalez (webmaster)

Basic Institutional Data:

Founded in:
Rosa Maria Torres
Information staff:
Countries Served:
Working Languages:
English, Portuguese, Spanish

Services and Special Activities

Information Services Provided

a section on links for specific topics, thematic blogs

Publications Produced

books, papers, articles

Special Activities

Fronesis moderates several electronic networks - Comunidad E-ducativa, Ed-Community (in English), PronunArgentina, Debateducacion and Ecuador-Lee-Escribe and other virtual spaces such as Foros de Fronesis. All portal sections are regularly fed by visitors and by members of the various networks linked to it.