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National Vocational Education and Training Clearinghouse, Australia

National Centre for Vocational Education Research Ltd (NCVER)

VOCEDplus is a free online database of Australian and international tertiary education and training research, policy, practice and statistical information, focusing on initial and continuing knowledge and skill development for work and social inclusion, and lifelong learning. This service provides relevant and timely access to key materials, long-term preservation capability and expanded access to resources online through digitization. VOCEDplus is available at  http://www.voced.edu.au.

VOCEDplus is produced by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research, based in Australia. VOCEDplus is an Australian government funded operation (federal, state and territory governments) and is supported by the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre in Bonn, Germany, hub of the international UNEVOC network, providing information to UNESCO member states.

Areas of Specialization:

Adult education, Community development, Educational policy, Further training, Higher education, Language issues, Life skills, Lifelong learning, VET in schools, Vocational education, Workplace training

User Profile:

Researchers; policy–makers; administrators and practitioners in the VET sector and the general public who have an interest in VET

Contact Information


Level 5, 60 Light Square,
Adelaide, South Australia 5000,

(+618) 82308400
(+618) 82122436
Contact person:
Kelly Frazer

Basic Institutional Data:

Founded in:
Parent Organisation:
National Centre for Vocational Education Research Ltd (NCVER)
Craig Fowler
Information staff:
Countries Served:
All, via the Internet; special focus on Australia and the rest of the Asia Pacific region
Working Languages:


Books and Documents:
Over 75,000 bibliographic records, many with links to full-text in the VOCEDplus database
Periodicals recieved p.a.:
Multimedia materials:
Some DVDs and CD–ROMs
Annual growth of Collection:
3,000 + documents

Methods of Data Management

Cataloging Rules
In–house rules based on AACR 2
Classification System
In–house numbering system plus Dewey Decimal Classification 20 (DDC 20)
Methods of Data Processing

Services and Special Activities

Information Services Provided

In addition to free access to the VOCEDplus database, a document delivery service is provided to users. Loans are provided to some Australian users. Literature searches also available via the Ask a Librarian service. Literature searches also available via the "Ask a Librarian" service. The VOCEDplus Pod Network is a product that captures information pertinent to current vocational education and training (VET) research and presents it within thematically arranged 'Pod' pages, making access to this information quick, easy and direct.  Other resources available include the Glossary of VET, a quarterly focus on topical themes, and a timeline of the history of VET in Australia, with a focus on apprenticeships and traineeships.

Publications Produced

NCVER publishes a variety of VET publications. For further

Special Activities

Memoranda of understanding with key organizations to receive all their documentation; wide promotion of services and web presence


Liaison with Government and Education libraries

Other material

Challenges and Obstacles in Carrying out the Work

Challenges capturing all material with the increase in grey literature; copyright issues; proliferation of electronic material; resourcing and workloads as service is very labour intensive

Strategies and Perspectives to Improve Services

Continue with policy of networking; building a "web of linkages"; using technology to facilitate access to information and linking from own website to other relevant sites; further develop online full–text electronic storage and retrieval; build up coverage of international information

Role envisaged within the Network of Networks

Strong desire to link with other networks in order to work more effectively and to avoid duplication of efforts