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Notre Dame Foundation for Charitable Activities, Inc., Philippines

Women in Enterprise Development (WED)

WED, established in 1987, is a "five–pronged comprehensive project" providing non–formal education, entrepreneurship and skills training, the WED Capital Assistance Programme, the WED Crafts Centre Programme and the WED Multi–Purpose Income–Generating Co–operative Activity. All programmes and activities are designed for women who, upon graduation from literacy classes, are encouraged to participate in entrepreneurship and skills training. Winner of various literacy prizes and awards (1997 UNESCO King Sejong International Literacy Prize), WED is the Philippine NGO counterpart to the Asia Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU) in its 1995 Programme for Establishing Literacy Resource Centres for Women and Girls. Instructional materials development, documentation and information services, and the establishment of an electronic database are among the priority concerns in mastering the resource centre function.

Areas of Specialization:

Agriculture, Community development, Economic and social development, Gender issues, Income generating activities, Literacy, Microcredit

User Profile:

NGOs; people’s organizations; government organizations; neo–literate women; local government units

Contact Information


Krislamville Subdivision
Santos Street
Cotabato City 9600

(+63–64) 421 1954
(+63–64) 421 7184

Contact person:
Myrna B. Lim

Basic Institutional Data:

Founded in:
Myrna B. Lim
Countries Served:
Working Languages:
Cebuano, English, Filipino, Maguindanao


Periodicals recieved p.a.:
Multimedia materials:

Methods of Data Management

Classification System
Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) 20th Edition
Methods of Data Processing

Services and Special Activities

Information Services Provided

Functions as resource centre for literacy, skills and entrepreneurship training, micro–lending, research, advocacy and for instructional materials

Publications Produced

Case studies

Special Activities

Non–formal education for women from basic to advanced as well as accreditation and equivalency; entrepreneurship and skills training for women; WED capital assistance programme; monitoring and evaluation; impact assessment; focused group discussions


Asia–Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU); UNESCO Consultative Consultation of NGO’s; Circle of International Reflect Action and Communication (CIRAC); Mindanao NGO

Studies and Surveys

Faces of Success (WED success stories for beneficiaries – with USAID); Improving the Conditions of Women in the Agricultural Sector (with CIDA)

Other material

Challenges and Obstacles in Carrying out the Work

Technical capabilities need to be improved and developed; lack of financial support for nonformal education, literacy, continuing education (lifelong learning)

Strategies and Perspectives to Improve Services

Consolidation, strengthening and expansion of co–operation with partners and networking; access to new technologies including electronic library cataloguing system

Role envisaged within the Network of Networks

"NERVE CENTER" of adult education information services for Muslim Mindanao and the Philippines; resource institution for all networks in adult education, literacy and enterprise development