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UNESCO Dakar Regional Office (BREDA), Senegal

Documentation Centre

The Documentation Centre of the Dakar Regional Office of UNESCO (BREDA) holds a small but very focused collection of UNESCO publications as well as books and documents from other sources covering subjects that fall within UNESCO’s areas of competence. The adult education section comprises literacy, post–literacy, women’s literacy, distance education and lifelong learning. The Documentation Centre, supporting BREDA’s information dissemination work, is open to the public. The Documentation Centre suggests to act within the Network of Networks as a clearinghouse for the African Region and to advise on future documentation and information services in Africa.

Areas of Specialization:

Culture, Distance education, Education, Gender issues, Information and communication technologies, Lifelong learning, Literacy

User Profile:

Secondary and university students; research officers; civil society; NGOs

Contact Information


12 av L. Sedar Senghor

Mailing Address:
B P 3311
Dakar, Senegal

(+221–849) 2326
(+221–823) 6175
Contact person:
Marianne Léna Diop

Basic Institutional Data:

Founded in:
Parent Organisation:
Ann Therese Ndong-Jatta
Information staff:
Countries Served:
UNESCO Member States in Africa South of the Sahara
Working Languages:
English, French


Books and Documents:
Periodicals recieved p.a.:
about hundred titles
Multimedia materials:
a large collection of CDs and DVDs
Annual growth of Collection:

Methods of Data Management

Cataloging Rules
Anglo American Cataloguing Rules AACR
Classification System
Universal Decimal Classification (UDC)
Methods of Data Processing
Indexing Tool
UNESCO Thesaurus
Database Software
WINISIS (CDS-ISIS for Windows)

Services and Special Activities

Information Services Provided

Public information services; supporting local NGOs and civil societies in the implementation of their literacy and post–literacy programmes; co–operating with the Department of Adult Education in the implementation of extra–budgetary literacy projects

Special Activities

Conducting workshops, for example, on the production of learning materials; participating in international conferences

Other material

Challenges and Obstacles in Carrying out the Work

Inadequate funds to acquire new reading materials on adult education

Strategies and Perspectives to Improve Services

Launch campaigns for documentation services; strengthen emphasis on adult learning, in particular on women’s empowerment

Role envisaged within the Network of Networks

To function as a clearinghouse; to provide advisory services on future documentation services in Africa; to share ideas and services