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Virtuelt Informasjons– og dokumentasjonssenter for voksenopplæring (Virtual Information– and Documentation Centre for Adult Learning) The Norwegian Association for Adult Learning (NAAL)

Voksenopplæringsforbundet (the Norwegian Association for Adult Learning – NAAL) is an association of 19 adult learning associations and other voluntary NGOs in the adult learning field. Within the member associations, there are about 430 nationwide NGOs. The purpose of Voksenopplæringsforbundet (NAAL) is to take care of the common interests of the associations and their participants vis-à-vis the Government, the Parliament and the Ministry of Church, Education and Research, and to promote non–formal adult learning in the society in general. For this purpose, they find activities concerning information services, counselling concerning laws and regulations, adult learning theory and practice, educational planning and project coordination. Voksenopplæringsforbundet (NAAL) publishes a review – Laering og kompetanse (Learning and Competence).

Areas of Specialization:

Adult education, Information and communication technologies, Lifelong learning, Nonformal education

User Profile:

Providers (managers and policy–makers) of adult education in Norway

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Motzfeldtgate 1
P.Box 9339 Grønland
0135 Oslo

(+47–22) 41 00 00
(+47–22) 41 00 01
Contact person:
William Evans

Basic Institutional Data:

Mr. Sturla Bjerkaker
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Working Languages:
English, Norwegian


Books and Documents:
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Multimedia materials:
On–line links to adult education resources; On–line archive of newspaper clippings with links to full text: rotating for the last 12 months nationally, open for all. Staff can search on worldwide clippings from over 47,000 news sources.

Methods of Data Management

Methods of Data Processing

Services and Special Activities

Information Services Provided

Reference services: Yes

Abstracts: from books: No, from online sources: No (full text offered)

Publications: Yes

Online Resources: Yes, with searching

Acquisitions List: Yes, as a result of a computerised output

Others: NAAE is involved in conferences, research, publications and policy–making. It organizes the Adult Learners’ Week in Norway. An online documentation and information service has been developed to help coordinate and disseminate information to and from the different stakeholders.

Other material

Role envisaged within the Network of Networks

The Norwegian government supports the role and work of ALADIN. They provided in 2004 and 2006 a small grant for NAAL to participate actively in ALADIN.