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Centro de Memoria Viva – Documentação e Referência em EJA, Educação Popular e Movimentos Sociais do Centro-Oeste

The Centro de Memoria Viva aims to preserve the memory and history of youth and adult education in the Brazilian state of Goiás. It is also a central point for popular education and social movements, through documentary research, oral history and the documentation of experiences. The organization of the collection is in the initial stage since the  research just began in October 2010.

Areas of Specialization:

Adult education, Basic education, Popular education, Social justice

User Profile:

University professors and students; professors for basic education

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Facultade de Educação
Rua 235 S/N Setor Universitário Goiânia
Código postal 74674-300

(+55 – 62) 32096199
(+55 – 62) 35211879
Contact person:
Profesora Maria Margarida Machado

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Countries Served:
Adult education; youth education; popular education; social movements; social justice; basic education
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Books and Documents:
around 2000 are in the process of cataloguing

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Information Services Provided

Reference services; bibliographies; web portal is under construction. UFG is in the process of identifying and cataloging research papers and other references that will be offered in an online portal.