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ALADIN e-Mail Listserv

The ALADIN e-Mail Listserv has been set up to enable ALADIN members and friends of ALADIN to communicate with each other on a regular basis. It can be used as a forum to share ideas, comments, concerns and requests in the area of adult learning documentation and information.

If you want to join the ALADIN Listserv, please contact the ALADIN Co-ordinator LisaPLEASE@REMOVE_THIS.TEXT KrPLEASE@REMOVE_THIS.TEXTolaPLEASE@REMOVE_THIS.TEXTk with your e-mail address. ALADIN members are automatically registered on the ALADIN Listserv.

If you want to post a message to all ALADIN Listserv members, just send an e-mail to aladin-listservPLEASE@REMOVE_THIS.TEXT-uil-en(at)lisPLEASE@REMOVE_THIS.TEXTts.unesco.org.